Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund (Hedged)

A high conviction portfolio with a sustainable edge


The Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund (Hedged) is a concentrated portfolio of Firetrail’s best global equity ideas. The investment process employs fundamental analysis to identify the most attractive investment opportunities with sustainable characteristics.

The Fund aims to outperform the MSCI World 100% Hedged Net Total Return Index (AUD) over the long term.

Global High Conviction

A concentrated portfolio of our best global equity ideas.

Value and Growth

A style agnostic approach with the flexibility to invest in both Value and Growth opportunities.

Sustainable Edge

Actively seeking investment opportunities that meet Firetrail’s sustainable investment criteria.

Investment team

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Patrick Hodgens

Patrick is the Managing Director at Firetrail Investments as well as Portfolio Manager for the Firetrail Australian High Conviction Fund, Firetrail Absolute Return Fund, Firetrail Australian Small Companies Fund and Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund. Patrick has over 36 years experience investing in equity markets.
Portfolio Manager

James Miller

James is a Portfolio Manager at Firetrail Investments for the Firetrail High Conviction Fund and the Firetrail Absolute Return Fund. James’ primary sector responsibilities is Industrials stocks. James has over 14 years’ experience investing in equity markets.
Portfolio Manager

Justin Gray

Justin is Portfolio Manager of the Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund and Head of Risk at Firetrail. Justin’s primary responsibilities include daily portfolio management, oversight of investment risk management and fundamental analysis. Justin is a qualified actuary and has over 20 years relevant industry experience.
Head of Investment Strategy

Anthony Doyle

Anthony is the Head of Investment Strategy for the Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund. His primary responsibilities include fundamental idea generation, portfolio analysis, and economic insights including currency and macroeconomic risk management. Anthony has two decades of experience including 10 years working as an investment manager in the UK.

Key Features

Benchmark MSCI World 100% Hedged Net Total Return Index (AUD)
Portfolio allocation^ Global equities: Typically 90% – 100%
Cash: 0 – 10%
Stock numbers Approximately 30
Suggested investment timeframe 5 years or more
Legal structure Unlisted, open-ended Australian unit trust
Distribution Semi-annually, subject to the Fund having sufficient distributable income as at 30 June and 31 December.
Minimum initial investment 1 A$20,000

Ratings and Certifications

Further information on our Ratings and Certifications can be found in the Disclaimer & Disclosure section.

Unit Prices and distributions

Unit prices are net of fees & do not include distributions. Calculation of unit prices are based on the net asset value plus/minus transaction costs divided by units on issue. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The inception date is the date that the current investment strategy which began on 19 May 2022. This material has been provided for general information purposes and must not be construed as investment advice.

The carbon emissions estimate for the Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund (Hedged) has been calculated by Firetrail Investments Pty Limited (‘Firetrail’). The estimate of the carbon emissions for the Fund are based on the Fund’s portfolio holdings as at the end of the most recent calendar quarter following calculation by Firetrail. The carbon emissions calculation is performed by Firetrail on a quarterly basis. Please note these carbon emissions numbers are an estimate only and are subject to change. The actual carbon emissions attributable to your investment in the Fund may vary considerably from the estimate provided.

Carbon footprint includes Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Company emissions data is sourced from MSCI. Portfolio carbon footprint is calculated based on the ownership methodology (e.g. owning 1% of the shares is owning 1% of emissions). The calculation also takes into account carbon removed from the atmosphere by portfolio companies. For example, via planted trees or carbon removal technologies. Carbon removal data is sourced from the applicable company.


How to choose a high-quality carbon offset?

Firetrail has been a carbon-neutral business since inception. Further information can be found in our PDS and ESG Policy.

As part of offsetting our emissions each year, we have done substantial research into the carbon offsets market. You can read some of this research here.

For more information on Firetrail’s approach to sustainability, contact us.


The Responsible Entity has the discretion to accept lower initial investments. Does not apply to IDPS investments.


The portfolio allocation ranges provided are indicative only. The Fund will be rebalanced within a reasonable period of time should the exposure move outside these ranges. The Fund is typically expected to be fully invested. A portion of the portfolio may be allocated to cash or derivatives for liquidity purposes. The Fund may hold exchange traded derivatives to a maximum of 10% of the Fund’s NAV.

Disclaimer & Disclosure

All website content in respect of the Firetrail S3 Global Opportunities Fund (Hedged) (ARSN 657 902 880) (“the Fund”) is prepared by Firetrail Investments Pty Limited (ABN 98 622 377 913 AFSL 516821) (“Firetrail”) as the investment manager of the Fund. Pinnacle Fund Services Limited ABN 29 082 494 362 AFSL 238371 (“PFSL”) is the issuer of the Fund. PFSL is not licensed to provide financial product advice.

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