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Key sponsorships and initiatives proudly supported by the Firetrail team

The Mirabel Foundation

Firetrail is a proud sponsor of The Mirabel Foundation. The Mirabel Foundation is an Australian children’s charity with the mission to break the destructive cycle of addiction. The Mirabel Foundation is driven by the simple, core belief that every child deserves a childhood. Mirabel currently supports over 1800 children in Victoria and NSW who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental drug use. Each week, seven new children are referred to Mirabel, the only organisation in Australia dedicated to helping these children. Mirabel’s vision is that every child has a childhood filled with love, hope and belonging.

Through Firetrail’s donations and support to Mirabel, has enabled the charity to employ an experienced youth support worker in the Hunter Valley region of NSW.

Firetrail recently participated in a Big Day Out event, volunteering the day with Mirabel, who hosted over 60 children from Western Sydney and the Hunter Valley region at Raging Waters in Sydney as part of their recreation and respite programs for the children and their carers.

Find out more about Mirabel

Future Generation Australia – Supporting children and youth at risk

Firetrail is a proud sponsor of Future Generation Australia (FGX). FGX gives investors the opportunity to gain unprecedented access to a group of prominent Australian fund managers in a single investment vehicle while supporting Australian charities focused on children and youth at risk.

Find out more about Future Generation Australia


National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA)

Firetrail is a proud sponsor of the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA). NASCA utilises the power of structured educational, sporting and cultural programs to harness the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. For over 25 years, NASCA has worked closely with communities to strengthen cultural pride and identity, and build life skills, personal development and long-term resilience.

As a result of Firetrail’s support, NASCA has established the ‘CareerFit’ program. This program is designed to help students in years 10-12 plan for their futures beyond school by providing them with exposure to a variety of educational and career pathways, Aboriginal role models and hands on workplace experience.

Find out more about NASCA 

Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

Firetrail is a proud sponsor of Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery. As bushfires have affected communities across Australia on an unprecedented scale, Red Cross is providing practical, local support where it’s needed to tens of thousands of people during and after the emergencies.

Find out more about Red Cross